We are individuals not satisfied with life at the status quo. Together we stand as history shaking, movement making, action taking, humans. Rewriting the cultural standard and waging war upon the average mind, we acknowledge our greatness within so that we may walk in purpose. Driven by love and engulfed in passion, we live not of chance, but of choice. We are an unstoppable force, with an inevitable impact.

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About Matt

About Matt

An avid traveler since his teenage years, Allergic II Average founder Matt Le carries a unique perspective on the meaning of happiness. In his travels abroad, Matt repeatedly observed that individuals’ level of happiness and fulfillment was relational not to their socio-economic status or current circumstance but instead to the degree they were using their purpose, gifts, talents in intentional ways. This revelation ignited a passion in Matt to engage people and help others live out their purpose and shift from a mindset of survival to conquering life.

A motivational speaker since 2009, Matt brings a rousing message of self-awareness and empowerment to schools, professional conferences, leadership trainings and youth camps. By sharing personal and relevant stories, Matt strategically shapes his audience’s intrinsic motivation to dig deep into themselves to identify their dreams, think beyond the here and now and create the future they see in their dreams. Whether you are young or old or somewhere in-between, you are guaranteed to walk away from Matt’s message excited, inspired and challenging every expectation you’ve ever had of yourself.

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About Matt


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