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Who We Are

We are individuals not satisfied with life at the status quo. Together we stand as history shaking, movement making, action taking, humans. Rewriting the cultural standard and waging war upon the average mind, we acknowledge our greatness within so that we may walk in purpose. Driven by love and engulfed in passion, we live not of chance, but of choice. We are an unstoppable force, with an inevitable impact.

Our Mission

We aim to challenge and motivate you so that no matter what, you are prepared in life and living at your highest potential. Allergic II Average is a movement that pushes people in every area of life to surpass their current situation and enter into the next level. Our desire, is for you to be MORE. To pursue your dreams and develop a stronger passion about exploring and living life. We believe in fulfilling goals and CREATING opportunities.

Our movement exists to encourage individuals to inspire others and leave their mark on this world. We believe in empowering a collective culture to walk in their greatness. So join us, set your course and ascend into who it is you have always dreamed of becoming.

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Interview with Sway

Name: Josue Abdiel Navarro “Sway” Age: 24 What they do: Barber A lot of people take a different approach on what Allergic II Average looks like. What does living Allergic II Average look like for you? For me, it means living that 1% lifestyle. A lot of … Read More →

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